Pleasure Escape

Solo Exhibition at The Vestibule in Seattle, WA

October 2017


Pleasure Escape is an exploration of sensory, emotional, and material experiences of pleasure. Using materials that spark connection, I consider the relationship between tactile experience and emotional response. I call these pieces sketches because they are created quickly and imperfectly, spending just enough time to get the outlines ideas out to possibly be embellished upon later. They are not fully realized pieces, but material studies of emotion and experiences, translated through cloth and thread. They feel quite personal, like writing a note to myself that I want to remember later, or a quick impression of a feeling that I want to capture. Creating these sketches intuitively is an exercise in imperfection, a process of trust, and a return to self.


Pleasure Escape also includes a site specific installation, utilizing the sleeping loft of The Vestibule, a gallery space that also functions as an Airbnb. I continue my exploration of pleasure using materials to transform this portion of the gallery and envelop the viewer in a sensory and tactile experience of escape.